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Welcome. We are developing this Links page to help you find more information, both current and historical, about Oswego, Labette County, and surrounding areas of Kansas. (This is just a very early and incomplete list; please check back for more.)

These links each open in new tabs or windows, depending upon your browser. You can close those tabs or windows to return here.

Please remember that these other sites may have privacy policies and terms of use that differ from ours. The Oswego Historical Society, Inc., cannot vouch for the accuracy of all information at other sites; nor does our linking to them imply any endorsement by the Society of products or services advertised at those sites.

Local Government
City of Oswego Official Site     www.oswegokansas.com
Oswego Schools     www.usd504.org
Labette County Govt.     www.labettecounty.com
Labette County Treasurer         www.kansastreasurers.org
Other Oswego Information
Oswego Airport     www.airnav.com
Neosho River Stage     www.crh.noaa.gov
Oswego H. S. Alumni     www.oswegoalumni.org
And some sites with general background and statistics:
'A City to Remember'     www.lasr.net/leisure/
City Data     www.city-data.com
Oswego in Wikipedia     en.wikipedia.org
Notable Persons in Area History
A preliminary sampling. We are likely to devote an entire section of oswegohistory.org to biographies of notable area people.
Ted Watts Sports artist.
Edythe Draper Writer, reporter.
Carson Robison Musician.     www.westernmusic.org
Jim Draper Reporter, civil rights activist.     corvalliscommunitypages.com
The Town Builders
The early settlers of Oswego weren't content to just build one new town. Tulsa, OK, as well as Independence and Pittsburg, Kansas, got their start with the help of former Oswegoans. More soon.
J. M. Hall & Tulsa     hall.html
'Haytown' (Independence)     www.indykansas.com
Oswego and Southeast Kansas as seen through the eyes of travelers.
Flying Dutchman (literally!)     blogger.xs4all.nl/laan4
A Katy Railroad Tour     (No longer available.)
West Coast to the Plains     www.tlcproductions.net/words
The Odd and The Dramatic
Odd real-life happenings and some fictional incidents involving Oswego and Labette County. Remember, we can't vouch for all the information at these sites.
The Benders America's 'first family' of serial murder.     www.leatherockhotel.com
Lynn White Smallest man of Kansas.     www.quasi-modo.net
Oswego: UFO Base? Just innocent bystanders in the 'Pennington hoax.'     www.unexplainable.net
Oswego: Nazi Spy Base? Not after Indiana Jones came through town in The Hollow Earth!     theraider.net/features/interviews

Please check back periodically. We will be adding new information over time.

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